Every member of our team is coder, dealing with different types of betting for more than 22 years. We do only sports betting for a living for more than 9 years.

Due to our original job, we choose our tips using a strategy based only on a mathematical basis, thus they have virtually nothing to do with luck.

Our goal is to help You to make profit using our tips on the long term.

We show You that following our tips, even a beginner may become a successful sports bettor.

We would like to change people's opinion on sports betting, because there are many scams in this topic. We demonstrate You that a sports betting tip provider service can be really done transparently and fairly.

Our detailed stats on all tips sent out are always available on the website. There are not too many tip provider sites, where You can clearly check the stats back to a long period. We undertake losing tips too, since they are also a part of sports betting.

It is a nonsense on long term that someone is win with all tips, even if he is a pro. This is the truth! However, thanks to our strategy, we have always been profitable so far.